The Carolina Brewing Company has been brewing tasty liquids in Greater Raleigh since 1995.  Located in Holly Springs, this brewery produces all of its beer in small batches to ensure the locals get the freshest beer possible.  After all, fine wines may get better with age, but beer is at its peak when it leaves the brewery.

Carolina Brewing Company uses a lengthy brewing method and a selection of expensive ingredients.  Why?  Because they know it’s worth the extra effort and cost to make exceptional beers with a quality you can taste.

To meet the people who make the beer and sample the products, you can show up at the brewery on any Saturday at 1 p.m. for a tour. Just make sure everyone who comes is at least 21, because no one under that age is allowed to attend.

Year-round styles include a Carolina Pale Ale, Carolina Nut Brown Ale and a Carolina India Pale, all of which you can usually find in area stores that carry local brews.  Seasonal beers are available in bottles only at the brewery and include a Carolina Spring Bock, Carolina Summer Wheat, and Carolina Oktoberfest Lager.

For tasty liquids brewed with quality, visit the Carolina Brewing Company.