Sugar, spice, and everything nice:  isn’t that what girls are supposed to be made of? Well, not these girls. Try pure adrenaline, skates, and aggression instead.

Meet the Carolina Rollergirls, the official Roller Derby league in North Carolina and Raleigh’s newest sport to experience. What exactly is roller derby, though?

Roller Derby is a fierce competition between women armed with skates, pads, and adrenaline.  They race on a flat-track and score points through lapping their opponents and securing their “lead jammer’s” position in the race with whatever means they see fit. Hits, blows, and shoves are very common in these events; however, do not expect to find a brawl during this sport. The players do what they must to keep their lead jammer safe, but it doesn’t go beyond that.

Go instead for the raw passion these women exude, the roaring fans, and of course the occasional “un-lady like” shove or hit that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole night at the Dorton Arena.  Their next roller derby in Raleigh is Feb. 28.  Check it out!  Who knows, you may become a fan for life!