Ice cream lovers will be happy to learn that July is National Ice Cream month!  This basically means that you get an entire month to celebrate the creamy deliciousness of one of America’s favorite treats, all in the name of a national holiday.  In order to help you out in your celebratory ice cream consumption, we’ve put together a little list of some great ice cream spots in Greater Raleigh.

1) Goodberry’s: A local favorite, Goodberry’s serves original French ice cream, also known as frozen custard.  The shops ensure maximum goodness and flavor by making their frozen custard every hour.  To enjoy one of the delicious flavors like butter pecan, pistachio and burgundy cherry, you can visit one of their eight Greater Raleigh locations today!

2) Lumpy’s Ice Cream: A Raleigh-based ice creamery, Lumpy’s uses only fresh, local ingredients in their ice cream and they support local farmers as much as possible.  You can find their wholesome product at Whole Foods in Raleigh or Cary and at Capital City Grocery in Raleigh.

3) Cosmic Ice Cream Company:  Located in North Raleigh, Cosmic carries national award-winning premium ice cream.  They offer more than 30 flavors of ice cream, including their blue ribbon Belgian chocolate, old fashioned vanilla and strawberry.

These local ice creameries are all excellent places to celebrate ice cream month with friends and family! Also, don’t forget about the delicious chains in Greater Raleigh such as Ben & Jerry’s, Coldstone Creamery and Baskin-Robbins!