Chef Regan Stachler of Little Hen Restaurant always melts my locavore heart with his innovative dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients. Little Hen Restaurant is a true farm-to-table restaurant; their meat and produce come from within 40 miles of the restaurant, and their cheese comes from within the state.

All of the tables at Little Hen Restaurant are draped with white tablecloths, and farm-fresh flowers are placed in the middle. Modern meets country elegance at the restaurant with sketches of farm animals on chalkboards decorating the walls, and shabby-chic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Even most of the wooden furniture was constructed by Chef Regan himself.

I recently decided to try Little Hen Restaurant's brunch for the first time. In my opinion, if you're doing brunch right, you have to start by ordering a Bloody Mary. I enjoyed the rich tomato flavor of the drink and my favorite part were the two massive olives topping the drink.

Bloody Mary
If you're a coffee lover, order the French press coffee. Little Hen Restaurant supports their neighbors by featuring Boogie Bean Coffee Roasters, fresh roasted coffee out of Holly Springs. Honestly, this was the most flavorful cup of coffee I've enjoyed at a restaurant. My trip to Little Hen Restaurant even inspired me to learn how to use a French press at home.

French Press CoffeeThe artisan board is the perfect appetizer for sharing. The cheeses are paired with different types of nuts and my favorite was the Goat Lady Dairy cheese with peanuts. The board also includes house made pickles and local charcuterie. Chef Regan visited my table to talk about each element on the artisan board. I enjoyed listening to his stories about making pickles and sourcing local products from N.C.

Artisan BoardIf you're in need of a hearty breakfast, Little Hen Restaurant's ham steak and eggs will do the trick. A generous piece of ham steak is topped with two farm fresh eggs and served with fingerling potatoes. Chef Regan also added a sweet element to this savory dish by including raisins on top of the ham steak. My friend, Kyle seemed to enjoy his brunch, only allowing me to steal one bite.

Ham SteakThe goat cheese, herb and tomato omelet was fabulous. Chef Regan executed this dish by creating a perfect balance of flavor between the fresh vegetables, herbs and goat cheese. The produce is extremely fresh at Little Hen Restaurant. You can see and taste the difference in Chef Regan's food because he uses local products. Although the omelet was the star of my meal, the biscuit wasn't just any ordinary side. The biscuit had the perfect flaky and buttery crust. The warm, fluffy inside of the biscuit reminded me of a cozy morning at Grandma's house.

OmeletYou always have room for something sweet at the end of every meal. The homemade challah French toast with strawberries was the perfect dessert. The strawberries were a vibrant red and tasted like they had just been picked from the farm.

Challah French ToastChef Regan Stachler is talented and supportive of his local community. I highly suggest dining at Little Hen Restaurant for an excellent brunch experience. Chef Regan is also participating in Competition Dining’s Fire in the Triangle. He will be battling Chef Serge Falcoz-Vigne of 518 West on July 10 in this competition featuring local chefs.

Written by local Foodie, Kristen. Follow her foodie adventures on Twitter!