Danny, owner of Danny's Bar-B-Que was a resident of Jacksonville, Fla. for 41 years. Danny relocated his family to Cary, N.C. in 1989, which marked the beginning of his search for real pit, hickory smoked BBQ. Little did Danny know, but BBQ in N.C. mostly consisted of shredded pork with vinegar sauce. The BBQ Danny’s family had grown to love in Fla. was totally different. To satisfy his Floridian family’s hunger for BBQ, Danny made the decision to open Danny's Bar-B-Que in Morrisville at 9561 Chapel Hill Rd. and in Cary at 311 Ashville Ave #G.


The BBQ at Danny’s consists of chicken, ribs, pork, beef, and turkey. The meats are slow cooked on an open pit with Hickory wood. Don’t worry, Danny’s does offer the traditional N.C. vinegar sauce. You’ll also find an array of original sauces on the table, including the sweet Sexy Pig, hot BBQ and mustard sauces.

I ordered the pulled pork plate, which includes two sides and toasted bread. For my two home-style sides, I ordered the creamy coleslaw and Brunswick stew. The pork was juicy and the sweet Sexy Pig sauce is enough to keep me coming back. The sauce kicked the pulled pork up a notch and the sweet flavor blended well with the smokiness of the pork. The Brunswick stew reminding me of Grandma’s house in the winter. It warmed me up and definitely tickled my taste buds.


Overall, I enjoyed my meal and my bank account thanked me. Danny’s Bar-B-Que provides Greater Raleigh with good BBQ at a reasonable price. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the restaurant and it’s a family-friendly establishment with a Piglet’s Menu for children.

Although I didn’t have enough room, the Southern style banana pudding looked fantastic. I’ve also heard wonderful things about the potato salad, fried corn, smoked chicken wings and brisket. I’ll definitely be back to try more options at Danny’s Bar-B-Que!

Written by local Foodie, Kristen. Follow her foodie adventures on Twitter!