So you’re on a roll taking in all of the people and places of Greater Raleigh when hunger strikes. Sure, you’d probably prefer to try out one of the many leisurely-paced, table-service restaurants in the area, but you’ve got things to explore! When you’re pressed for time and looking for a delicious local bite, swing by one of these joints to experience some of the best quick, cheap eats Raleigh has to offer.

The original Snoopy’s Hot Dogs and More opened in Raleigh in 1978, and it’s been serving up mouthwatering hot dogs and burgers ever since. With four locations in Raleigh and one in Garner, chances are you’ll be able to find one somewhere nearby when your stomach starts growling. Oh, and did we mention that everything on the menu is under $7?

Armadillo Grill is a great Tex Mex alternative to fast food, located right in the heart of downtown Raleigh on Glenwood Avenue. The locally owned restaurant chain uses the highest quality ingredients and delivers an exceptional casual dining experience, so you can grab your taco and go. And yes, nothing on the menu goes higher than seven bucks.

Cookout. Just whisper the name, and Raleigh locals will come running in anticipation of some of the best grill food around. This drive-through “cooked outdoors style” fast-food restaurant is only found in North Carolina and serves up amazing milkshakes in dozens of flavors. You’ll feel like a million bucks once you realize nothing on the menu costs more than $4.

These three awesome local food joints are just a taste of what the rest of Greater Raleigh has to offer you when you’re on the go. For more cheap eats in the area, view this list.