So, you’ve somehow inherited the planning duties for your best friend’s wedding, your family reunion or your company’s annual conference.  Whether you’re gleefully content with your duties or would rather be hiding under a rock, it’s safe to say that your planning experience will be made quite simple this time around.  Why?  Because one of the friendliest cities – Raleigh – is ready to welcome your event with open arms, and D.I.Y. Raleigh has made the planning part a piece of cake.

The D.I.Y. Meeting Planners Toolbox provides anyone and everyone with the tools they need to easily pull together a small- to medium-sized event where you’ll be booking five or more hotel rooms, a conference room or simply exploring what to do in the area while you’re here. 

There are countless ways to use this online tool. Your best friend wants everyone to enjoy a riveting performance after her rehearsal dinner?  Consider the tickets bought.  Your entire family has decided they want to shack up in 15 rooms in the same hotel?  No problem.  Need to find a fancy restaurant to impress your boss before the big meeting? Your reservation awaits.  It’s so easy to organize meetings and events through the D.I.Y. Meeting Planners Toolbox that you’ll happily volunteer for the next planning project that comes your way.