Downtown boasts many excellent restaurants and attractions, but recently, with the addition of the RLINE and rickshaws, the nightlife experience has really begun to boom. Now able to move easily and safely around the city, people are flocking to the hip and edgy bars that are taking over Downtown such as The Hive, Alibi, Club Fourteen, and the Raleigh Times.

The Hive located on 225 S. Wilmington St., upstairs to Busy Bee Café, transports you right where you want to be. Walk up the stairs from the street and prepare to be bombarded with great top-40 remixes, excellent drink specials, and lots of people. On Friday and Saturday, get there early. Though The Hive usually does not have a line, if you and your group would like a table inside or outside to talk the night away, it’s advisable to get there before 11:30 p.m. Once inside, break it down with your friends on the dance floor, take in the hip ambiance, or head outside with your beer of choice onto The Hive’s patio. You’ll find everyone from the hipster crowd to the young professional crowd mingling and enjoying their weekend nights in this place!

Club Fourteen and Alibi, located on Martin St., are also superb choices for a night out on the town. Club Fourteen is located right above Alibi and is usually open from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Being the newest addition to the Downtown scene, it has the largest crowd and longest line so be prepared to skip the line by getting there early. If you’re looking for a place to dance the night away with your friends and meet new people from around the Triangle, this is your place. Alibi, a bit more low-key, also has its own factors that keep people coming back for more. The best part about the bar is the diverse amount of people that clamor in every night. You can see proud State students boasting their colors after a big win, ties and pearls just getting off work, and of course the unusual old sailor looking for anyone to share his story with.

Raleigh Times, the favorite and usual beginning spot for many Downtowners, is always full of people. Head inside and check out the beautiful artwork plastered all over the walls or pull yourself a stool up to the bar and enjoy one of the many wonderful beers they have on tap. Always a great place to bring a group or even a date, there are many tables to choose from if you feel like having a more intimate night.

Diverse crowds, great music, and a completely different atmosphere are what everyone in Raleigh has been craving and Downtown’s got all of that and more.  So check it out!