Looking for a fun and free event to enjoy with your kids?  On June 12th, Raleigh City Museum will be hosting an interactive program, The Fabulous World of Doughnuts!  Here, you’ll learn fun facts about doughnuts and the companies that make them, explore some unique doughnut designs and flavors, and discover what other things in the world are shaped like doughnuts!

Where’s the interactive part of the program?  Well, each child gets to make and name their very own doughnut, and everyone can participate in a Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts blind taste off.  If you’ve already got a favorite between the two, then you may be surprised to see which you prefer when tasting under the blindfold.

While you’re already at the City Museum for this fun event, you can check out some of their newer exhibits, including: Green Frame: An Exposition in Reclaimed Materials, It Started With One Thousand Acres: Raleigh and its People, and Raleigh’s City Flag: 100 Years. Come on out and get in touch with your doughnut-loving side while also getting an opportunity to explore some of Raleigh’s fascinating history!