With all of the new and entertaining additions to Raleigh these days, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the historic significance Raleigh holds in the state of North Carolina.  Founded as the capital in 1792, Raleigh is brimming with the history of prominent people, places and events.

The Raleigh Heritage Trail guides visitors and residents through historic sites and museums to help them discover Raleigh’s past.  The journey begins at the African American Cultural Complex until it reaches its tenth and final destination at the Richard B. Harrison Library.  To participate in the trail you simply go to the Web site and download your Raleigh Heritage Trail Passport.  Then you visit each of the sites and participate in the activity at that location, get your passport stamped and then collect a prize!

The City of Raleigh offers a trolley tour on Saturdays that starts at Mordecai Historic Park and then stops at Bicentennial Plaza, Pullen Park and City Market before returning.  This is a great way to explore Raleigh’s history with others who are interested in learning about it as well!  Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for youth.

If you would like to explore the history of all of North Carolina within the city limits of Raleigh, then the North Carolina Museum of History is the place to visit.  The museum’s exhibits explore everything from the state’s American Indian community and culture to the impact that former governors have had on the area.  The museum also has an extensive collection of historical artifacts to connect you with North Carolina’s past.  Admission is free and it is open seven days a week.

For an extensive list of historical sites to visit in Raleigh, there’s a list here.  With over 60 options right in the area, you definitely won’t run out of options!