Being outdoors can be refreshing, relaxing and invigorating, depending on what you decide to do.  Whether you care to relax in leisure or explore with recreation, the seven parks of Wake County have the open space and facilities to provide you with just what you need.

Hike the paths of the American Tobacco Trail, go sailing at Lake Crabtree County Park or enjoy a delicious picnic lunch at the Historic Yates Mill.  You’ll find everything from educational exhibits and programs to horseback riding and fishing to entertain you, your family and friends during your visit.

In addition to parks, Wake County also has an Open Space program which strives to protect water quality through targeted land acquisition.  As of right now, more than 30 percent of the County’s total land area has been preserved under this program, explaining the unofficial reference to the Raleigh area as “the park with a city in it.”

A truly scenic place to visit, Wake County has worked hard to preserve land and build park facilities and programs for you to enjoy during your stay.  Make sure to take advantage all of the leisure and recreational opportunities you’ll find right here in Greater Raleigh!