New York City and Los Angeles, watch out. Raleigh is giving you a run for your money. With Raleigh Fashion Week becoming a staple in the area and boutiques popping up around every corner, fashionistas can rejoice. Raleigh is becoming the place to be for fashion buffs.

Whether you’re a couture addict or just looking for that one piece to complete your wardrobe, Raleigh is guaranteed to satisfy. Stroll down Glenwood Avenue and stop in Catch 22 for the latest designer clothes, bags, and jewelry.  If you’re looking for those jeans that nobody else carries, head over to Cameron Village, and Uniquities is sure to carry them in the exact wash and size you need.

For the buyer looking for the latest and most high-end clothing, try Dominique’s Boutique on Spring Forest Road or Fleur, also located in Cameron Village. They carry anything from uber trendy Alice and Olivia to the classic looks of Marc Jacobs.

Fortunately, Raleigh’s boutiques are not the only fashion attraction. Raleigh’s fashion scene is booming and quite prominent. Beginning in 2008, Raleigh launched its own Raleigh Fashion Week, known to locals as Strut ‘08. Because of the overwhelming success and interest that the event generated, Raleigh fashion experts were able to put on Strut ‘09, a show that blew everyone away. Nothing short of what you’d see in New York or Paris, models glided down the runway donning Chapel Hill native Alexander Julian’s summer collection and newcomer designer Austin Jade Murray’s (also from the Triangle) line, Austin Jade.  Did it have all the glitz and glam of the big city without jet setting out of the Triangle? You bet.

If you’re lucky enough to be in town for this beautiful display of cottons, jewels, and leather, get your tickets now. Last year’s front row sold out in a matter of hours. If you find your time in Raleigh does not coincide with Fashion Week, window shop or splurge on a bag in one of the many boutiques located in Raleigh. You’re on vacation right? You can also check the city’s calendar of events for smaller fashion shows because Raleigh is full of creative cultural energy these days. Either way, Raleigh is sure to satisfy even the most refined of tastes because it’s got a little bit of everything. So come explore, splurge, and revel in what Raleigh has to offer.  Raleigh has arrived.