This weekend, another HUGE event smacks the Triangle right in the face…SPARKcon is here.

In the simplest terms, SPARKcon is an explosion of creativity.  Imagine a bomb blast and subsequent mushroom cloud of talent, ideas and art in all forms dispersing to engulf downtown Raleigh. Over the next three days you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in pretty much any artistic genre or display of creative passion imaginable. And here’s the kicker—it’s all free. There will be visual art displays, fashion shows, skateboarding presentations, circus spectaculars, theater performances, dance acts, jewelry- crafting, delicious food-eating, and maybe even a late-night burlesque poetry reading.

Back for its seventh year, SPARKcon strives to perpetuate the Triangle’s status as what many believe to be the “creative hub of the south,” by showcasing the genius within the area.  It’s no secret that our region fosters a ridiculous amount of talent from across the board of creative disciplines, and SPARKcon aims to showcase that talent through a series of  “sparks.”

The approach to the event is open-source and collective, meaning that the event is planned and run by volunteers and participants. This year somewhere around 200 shows will be taking place at 20-plus venues by more than 1700 participating artists. And while we’re talking numbers, rumor has it that 28,128 pieces of chalk are going to be used for street painting this weekend. Rad.

Last night the SPARKcon opening ceremony cracked open the weekend and revved our city for the days to come. Crowds gathered at the outdoor Raleigh Amphitheater to feast upon a smorgasbord of creative delights, including live music, skateboarding, poetry, theater, dance and fashion. There was some serious local talent on display during designSPARK as models showed some swagger on the runway clothed in conceptions by Triangle designers. I couldn’t remember if I was in Raleigh or at NYC fashion week. Immediately following the fashion show, danceSPARK began a dynamic performance involving dance, drama and cake-red velvet to be exact—chased by a circus performance and fashion extravaganza.

The coming weekend is chock full of events. The only problem is…how are you going to be at all of them at the same time? There is something for everyone at SPARKcon this year. Check out the schedule and make your own itinerary here.


Written by Creative Genius, Katie.