The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is by far one of the best places to grab a beer in Greater Raleigh, with one of the largest selections of hand-crafted beer for miles. In fact, locals are such big fans of the vast beer collection that they often join the bar’s U.F.O. Club, which is a program that allows members to check beers off as they try them and rewards them for hitting milestones. If a member tries 250 or 500 beers, he gets his very own plate on the wall, complete with his name engraved. How cool does that sound?

Well, apparently, it’s so cool that the Flying Saucer has been successfully operating for 12 good years in Raleigh, and now they’re ready to celebrate their own milestone. To commemorate its birthday, Flying Saucer will be tapping 12 distinctly rare beers for the day, found nowhere else in the entire world! The line-up of breweries participating in this rare event includes locals such as Big Boss Brewing Company and Lonerider Brewing Company.

To add anticipation to the event, Flying Saucer will be tapping only one unique barrel per hour starting at noon on Saturday, March 3rd. The next beer to be tapped will be randomly selected, and you can find out which one it will be by following their Twitter handle @FlyingSaucerRal. To add another cool factor to the event, the Saucer will raffle off the actual barrels from the festivities, with a different winner being selected every hour.

Sound pretty awesome? We think so, too. For more information on how you can take part in this rare celebration, visit this site.