Raleigh and its surrounding areas have some of the most breathtaking nature and wildlife sights around. If you love bird watching or nature trails, Cary in particular has an abundance of different bird and plant species as well as excellent attractions that even the most “indoorsy” of your friends could enjoy!

Cary’s Hemlock Bluffs and Stevens Nature Center reign in this area as the go-to spots for nature buffs. Hemlock Bluffs is a remote part of the remaining forest ecosystem from the last ice-age 16,000 to 18,000 years ago! The attraction’s name comes from the hemlocks that thrive in the shade of the ravine. This would be an amazing place to take friends or even your kids as they gaze at some fascinating history.

Stevens Nature Center is also a must if you happen to be visiting Greater Raleigh and love nature. The 3,700-square-foot center provides tons of information on the wildlife and natural history of the area as well as offering hands-on educational experiments for all to enjoy.  Make sure to bring your camera as a guide leads you through the Nature Preserve and Native Wildflower Garden! Or don’t forget to pick up a few gifts at the gift shop for friends who couldn’t make the trip or even a little something for yourself to remember your fascinating adventure in the preserve!

Cary has some of the most beautiful sights in North Carolina and you do not want to miss the chance to see them in person. Beautiful weather, miles of ravine, a Nature Preserve to explore, and a friend by your side? It couldn’t get any better for nature buffs!