Raleigh arguably has the state’s most vibrant nightlife scene, from Irish pubs to hot dance clubs.  There’s something here for everyone, and that includes the thriving gay or GLBT nightclubs and bars.  These venues cater specially to GLBT clientele and are always pulsing with college or older crowds, drag queens and kings, and the delightfully unexpected.

One of the most popular GLBT private clubs is Legends Nightclub Complex on West Hargett Street in downtown Raleigh.  Legends is proud to feature some of the best new dance tracks, the finest in female impersonation and constant live entertainment.  There are events every night of the week, from Sunday’s Lipstick Drag Review to Thursday’s 80s and 90s night.

Icon Nightclub of Cary is setting a new standard for NC GLBT and friendly nightlife, providing more of the best in male and female impersonators, some of the best DJs around, and plenty of talent for those looking for something other than ordinary.

The Capital Corral in downtown Raleigh has been open for 33 years and counting, serving as a private club for members and their guests, age 18 and up.

While all of these venues are geared towards the GLBT community, there are also plenty of others that have GLBT nights and welcoming events throughout the year.  For more GLBT nightlife options in the area, visit this site, and let the good times start now!