There are many things to love about a good coffee house. But what ever happened to the tea house? While there are great coffee shops on every corner, it seems that the elusive tea house has become a hidden gem of our time. If you look hard enough, however, you’ll find that Greater Raleigh is home to a few tea house gems of its own.

Nestled in Wake Forest for the past 14 years, the Olde English Tea Room is as quaint and charming a tea house as they come. They offer two ambiances for their guests, one of which is a bright and cheerful Victorian setting, and the other of which is a quiet and cozy library setting. Here, you’ll enjoy fine teas and delicious menu choices in a wonderfully themed room enhanced by classical music, linens, china, candle light and fireplaces. The Olde English Tea Room also accommodates special occasions, which is perfect for a charming bridal luncheon.

The Pineapple Tea Room of Apex is another of Greater Raleigh’s tea houses. Afternoon tea is served by appointment only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at either 1 or 3:30 p.m. Each guest enjoys a choice of tea, scones with jam and Devonshire cream, finger sandwiches, fruit and delectable desserts for $18 per person. After enjoying fine leaf tea, guests can peruse the many antiques, gifts and accessory items available at Pineapple.

For more tea houses in Greater Raleigh, visit this site. Then, it’s time to pull out your rarely used white gloves and fine hats for a fun tea experience that will charm you.