Wouldn’t it be nice if you could taste a dish off of a menu before ordering it?  Or try on clothes before purchasing them online?  How about experiencing a bit of your destination before traveling?  The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau can’t promise the first two, but we can definitely give you a peek before ever setting foot in the area with the Greater Raleigh video gallery.

The Greater Raleigh video gallery has an extensive selection of one to three minute videos highlighting area towns, accommodations, attractions and so much more.  Whether you’d like to get a feel for Morrisville before visiting or experience the vibes of a restaurant or nightlife spot before heading out on the town, the video gallery is here to show you the way.

This visitor video gallery is so well-designed that the GRCVB even won an award from the International Academy of the Visual Arts.  While you’ve probably seen online videos all over the Internet, few capture the essence of what they’re showcasing with the quality that Greater Raleigh’s videos do.  Before you visit the area, take a look and become captivated before you even arrive.