For those who are getting ready to tie the knot, there are hundreds of decisions to be made while planning your perfect dream wedding.  Probably one of the most important decisions is the location, location, location!  Well, ladies and gentlemen, put down your wedding guides and rest assured that you can definitely find the perfect wedding spot within Greater Raleigh.

With handy search tools available online, courtesy of the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau, you can easily find dozens of spaces and venues that match your wedding needs.  Just enter in how many guests you need to accommodate, what style seating you will use and what areas you are interested in, and you will instantly be directed to a list of beautiful and unique gathering places.

Looking for a smaller gathering place for a 50-person reception in Raleigh?  Simply enter in your information and you will be directed to more than 55 venues, including the quaint All Saints Chapel and the majestic Wakefield Plantation.  Even if you have a much larger group, there are still plenty of places that can accommodate you.  For example, there are 17 venues in Greater Raleigh that can host 500 people at your wedding event!

Greater Raleigh is home not only to plenty of unique sites for your wedding, but also to hundreds of specialty service providers that will cater to your every wedding need!  From bakeries and caterers to concierge services and horse-drawn carriages, this area has what it takes to make your dreams come true.

To top it all off, there are more than 124 overnight stay options in the area, one of which will most surely meet your style, budget and amenities preferences.  Invite your guests to stay at a luxurious five-star hotel, or spend the night before your wedding in a quiet bed and breakfast – the possibilities are endless.

Greater Raleigh is a beautiful destination, full of everything you could possibly need to plan and experience your dream wedding.  Explore the possibilities and become acquainted with the place you’re sure to fall in love with!