Greater Raleigh is well-known for being a melting pot of innovative ideas, unique culture and great entertainment.  On March 3, Raleigh will be home to an enlightening event that cultivates all of these elements, Ignite Raleigh.  One of this event’s main purposes is to spread ideas, which can then be absorbed, interpreted and evolved by you.

At Ignite Raleigh, there’s no room for boring and excessively long presentations.  Each presenter will have five minutes to go through 20 slides and get their idea across.  Fifteen topics were selected by a community vote and will be presented at the event, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Lincoln Theatre.

Examples of this year’s presentation topics are: 13 Reasons Women Should Take Up Boxing, Everyone Needs a Dumb Guy, The Redneck Guide to Silicon Valley, Why Your Health is the Most Important Thing You’ll Ignore All Day, and What Happens to Your Digital Identity after You Die?

Ignite Raleigh is a progressive event that captures and highlights many different original and enlightening ideas from all over the state right here in our state capital.  It’s great to see that Raleigh is continuing to expand and flourish with ideas!