There are several events out there that involve running, racing or walking for charity.  However, there are few as unique as Raleigh’s Krispy Kreme Challenge, where you’re expected to gorge yourself on 2,400 calories worth of Krispy Kreme doughnuts during the race!

That’s right, participants are supposed to eat a dozen glazed doughnuts right in the middle of a four-mile trek that runs from N.C. State’s campus to the Krispy Kreme store and back.  Proceeds from this Feb. 6th event go to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

In order to successfully complete the race as a challenger participant, you must consume the entire dozen in under an hour.  The best part: you have to keep them all down!  For those who’d rather not attempt this highly caloric feat, you can register as a casual runner or a supporter.  Casual participants aren’t against the clock, and they can choose how many donuts to stuff their face with.  Supporters can contribute to the great cause just by cheering on those brave enough to face the glaze.

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a fun and exciting way to contribute to a good cause and an excellent excuse to eat as many hot glazed doughnuts as you’d like!  You can register or donate today!