Having grown to be one of the nation’s top 50 metro areas, Greater Raleigh has plenty of booming businesses, start-ups and new ventures.  Thankfully, some of those successful local ventures are in the fashion and accessories business, and there sure is a ton of awesome local fashion flavor for visitors to enjoy.  If you love to shop, or even just like to look good and have clothes and accessories that you won’t find on tons of other people back home, then checking out some of these local lines is a must.

For starters, there’s the oh-so-fabulous Holly Aiken boutique, Stitch.  Here you’ll find beautifully crafted, hand-stitched bags, purses, wallets and so much more designed by Raleigh’s very own creative talent.  With a downtown Raleigh store location, there’s no reason not to swing by and see what all of the talk is about.

A clothing line just as unique as it sounds, FYSH Clothing Co. was founded by four local guys who shared a love for sneakers, hence the acronym Four Young Sneaker Heads.  Their line is mainly casual t-shirts and hats with nautical overtones and a light-hearted approach.  Their mascot, FYSH Mammal, is absolutely lovable and graces most of their clothes.

Finally, there’s the very successful denim company started by Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko, Raleigh Denim.  This high-quality denim brand spreads the local name out to boutiques and high-end department stores throughout the U.S., but there’s nothing cooler than getting their jeans right where they are made.