What happens when the legendary King of Pop meets a dazzling on-stage acrobatic performance? Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour! This unlikely union may sound different, and that’s because it is – wonderfully different. A riveting fusion of dance, music and acrobatics, this thrilling performance immerses audiences in the products of Michael Jackson’s creative legend, while putting a unique and fantastical spin on his signature dance moves.

THE IMMORTAL World Tour is coming to Raleigh’s RBC Center on March 10th and 11th for two performances you won’t want to miss. It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard Michael Jackson fan or you’ll be experiencing his artistry for the first time, this performance will entertain and thrill you by celebrating a legacy that transcends generations in a whole new way.

The narrative of THE IMMORTAL takes us to Michael’s inspirational Giving Tree, the source of his creativity. As the story unfolds, the secrets of his inner world are revealed, including his love of music and dance, fantasy and magic, and the beauty of nature.

With captivating visuals that will take your breath away and powerful, legendary music and lyrics driving the show, this performance will bring Michael to life with extraordinary power. And all the while, you’ll experience underscores of his global messages of love, peace and unity. Long-time or new fan, buy your tickets today so you won’t miss out on an event that celebrates a true legend of our time.