Tired of the usual night out? Love the feel and vibe of super trendy clubs in Miami and NYC? Don’t book your flight just yet.  Instead, drive over to Glenwood South and dance the night away at the Mosaic Spring Music Festival!

From May 13th till the 23rd, expect close to 50 local and internationally renowned DJs, musicians, and artists on Glenwood with their unique mixes and exotic beats.  You won’t want to sit down the entire night! Not to mention, each night has a different music genre it caters to, providing you with a different atmosphere to groove to. It’ll feel like going to a different music event each night!

Don’t miss your chance to experience this amazing metropolitan event right here in Raleigh.  Grab your friends, put on your trendiest outfit and head over to Mosaic Lounge and prepare to dance the night away in style! You’ll never want to leave!