Lifelong Learners tend to know who they are. They love to watch the History Channel, H2 and American Experience on PBS. (Did you catch the new Clinton documentary last week?) And they not only like history and science; they relish it.

So the new wing at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences is going to be perfect for all you Lifelong Learners. It combines the latest in research and technology, so that scientists will be able to beam their findings into classrooms and labs all over the world.

And visitors will be able to get their hands dirty and participate in science themselves. Listen to this from the museum's staff:

"Adjacent public Investigate Labs will allow visitors to participate in real scientific research and other hands-on activities. Interactive, multimedia exhibits will engage visitors in a wide variety of cutting-edge research from Dinosaurs to DNA, to Weather, to Meteorites to Biodiversity to Nanotechnology to Space and Deep Sea Explorations."

So get ready, Lifelong Learners. There will be a lot to learn when the new wing opens in Raleigh.