When traveling by air, there’s no question that your first impression of a city is based on its airport.  Your experience navigating the terminals and retrieving your luggage can set the precedent for how the rest of your trip will go, whether for the good or the bad.  At Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), they recognize this, and have worked hard over the past few years to build an outstanding terminal that is fully opening in all of its magnificence on January 23, 2011.

When traveling to Raleigh via air, you’re sure to be in for a treat at Terminal 2.  At 920,000 feet, Terminal 2 will have two concourses featuring 36 gates, three ticketing islands each featuring 20 traditional counters, more than 60 electronic kiosks, five baggage carousels, and a security checkpoint that will accommodate up to 10 security checkpoint lanes.  While most airports were built prior to 9/11 security regulations, RDU’s recent construction ensures that you won’t be stuck in a three-hour, bottlenecked security line after your arrival in Greater Raleigh.

As if amazing efficiency and utility aren’t enough, Terminal 2 takes it a step further.  Passengers will enjoy six art installations throughout the building, including Ed Carpenter’s Triplet, a suspended sculpture with triangular components that suggest the Research Triangle Region.  Dining and store options will also expand, elevating your RDU experience just that much more.  The next time you visit the area and fly into Terminal 2, be prepared for an airport experience unlike any other.