When searching for a place to scuba dive, it’s likely that Greater Raleigh won’t even cross your mind.  An activity that is usually associated with the coast, where the ocean provides a playground for divers, scuba diving is surprisingly readily accessible right here in the middle of North Carolina.

Located in Wake Forest on 100 acres of scenic natural environment, Fantasy Lake Scuba Park is the largest scuba diving park on the east coast.  As the preferred training facility for many local rescue squads, law enforcement officials, the military and local dive shops, this park is ideal for building up dive experience and logging dives for extra training.

The park provides a Diver Map Guide to the Lake, which helps divers navigate more than 50 acres of lake, featuring a sunken bus, a massive submerged rock crusher and several sunken boats.  Night diving can be arranged as well!

In addition to the wide range of scuba diving recreational activities, the park also offers 14 small camp sites, 3 large group sites and 2 large campgrounds, all within easy access of the lake.  They allow primitive camping only.

Not a regular diver?  No worries.  A full-service dive shop is located on site that offers air refills, diving supplies, rentals and refreshments.  Now that you know you’ll have everything you need to dive at the park, there’s no excuse not to head on over, strap on your gear and experience a unique activity right in Greater Raleigh!