So you’re in town and suddenly you get the craving for a really, ridiculously good slice of pizza.  Whether it’s your comfort food of choice or just the easiest way to feed a traveling family, pizza is a quick, affordable and delicious dining option.

Located in Cary, the Loop is a neighborhood, fast-casual pizza grill that serves up awesome specialty pizzas, a full menu of other great fare and killer milkshakes.  Enjoy yummy flavors such as artichoke and smoked bacon, sausage and goat cheese, spicy cilantro chicken, caprese, and giordino, to name a few. 

If you’re a health nut or looking for only the freshest ingredients, then Z Pizza of Cary, downtown Raleigh, and North Raleigh is the place for you.  They use only the finest, freshest and healthiest ingredients available to make pizza creations such as Berkeley Vegan, Thai, Casablanca, Mexican, Sante Fe and Tuscan.  Basically, think of your favorite style of food and Z has probably turned it into a pizza.

For a comprehensive list of dozens of awesome pizzerias check out this restaurant locator.  We hope you’re hungry, because there are so many different kinds to try.