Here in the South, there is a diverse array of restaurants to meet every taste, but there’s one regional style of cooking that you’ll only rarely find in other parts of the country: the good ole Southern style.  North Carolina is full of restaurants that cater to this style of cooking familiar to most everyone born and raised in the area, and Greater Raleigh has its fair share of exceptional Southern eateries.

For a delicious Southern breakfast served all day, visit The Flying Biscuit in Cameron Village.  As indicated by their unique name, Flying Biscuit is most famous for their special recipe biscuits, served with flavorful jam.  Their creamy grits are different from any other grits around, winning over many customers whether they’re from the South or not.  Flying Biscuit also serves lunch and dinner items, including their unique turkey meatloaf and oven-fried chicken.

The Q Shack is a locally owned and operated restaurant that uses only the highest quality local cuts for its barbecue and other menu items.  They are well-known for their signature chile rubbed beef brisket and Carolina pork shoulder dishes, which you can enjoy with classic Southern sides such as macaroni and cheese, collard greens and fried okra!  The Q Shack is unique in that it uses truly secret recipes and cooks them over their on-site barbecue pits.

A popular destination for N.C. State students, Red Hot & Blue is a Southern staple on Hillsborough Street.  This barbecue-centered restaurant prides itself on providing great barbecue, blues and southern hospitality.  Their tasty barbecue sauces range from Sufferin’ Sweet to Hard Luck Vinegar.

Whether you’re craving a hot Southern style breakfast or some freshly cooked barbecue, you’re sure to find a place that will satisfy your taste buds in Greater Raleigh.  Try any of these restaurants for a Southern flavor, and rest assured y’all won’t be disappointed!