In order to spark the creative spirit of the Triangle, a group of volunteers dedicated to showcasing local talent and nurturing a creative ecosystem have come together to bring us the fifth annual SPARKcon.  SPARKcon is a program of Raleigh’s Visual Art Exchange that showcases the creativity, talent and ideas of the Triangle through different SPARKS, which will take place from Sept. 16th to 19th.

During this weekend of creative celebration, you can attend events such as a fashion show from fashionSPARK, any number of concerts as part of musicSPARK, speakers from ideaSPARK and so much more.  For a full list of the many SPARKS with organized events, visit this site.

This is one of the most unique events in the Triangle, as anyone in the local community can volunteer to organize their own SPARK with other participants.  As an open-source, “for the people, by the people” event, it is a wonderful example of residents coming together to better the Triangle.  With so many different events to attend, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find something that really sparks your interest to visit.