They say the best way into a person’s heart is through his stomach.  Whether this saying holds true or not, there’s no doubt that everyone can appreciate a good cook.  The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to brush up on your culinary skills and bring out your inner chef!

Fuquay Mineral Spring Inn & Garden offers a Wednesday series of “Cooking Classes at the Inn” that is taught by accomplished Chef Sharon Morf.  There are five classes in the series, but you can sign up individually in advance of each.  The fun topics covered in some of these classes include Savory & Sweet Pies and Tarts, The Art of Cake Decorating, and Quick Dinner: Fireside Supper.

It’s time to mix it up and explore the realm of cooking like you never have before by participating in any or all of these exciting classes!  After listening to Chef Morf’s great cooking tips, it’s guaranteed you’ll have enough culinary ammunition to impress all of your family and friends!  Sign up today.