Having opened just recently on June 4th, Cloer Family Vineyards is the newest attraction for the town of Apex.  Whether you choose to bring your family, friends or a date, this family-owned farm is perfect for a day of relaxation, wine tastings and vineyard tours.

The new winery is housed in a quaint barn with a classic tin roof, which serves as a beautiful traditional focal point for the scenic vineyards.  Under this roof you can taste and purchase a wide range of wines, including a French Hybrid, two North Carolina Muscadines and a Vinefera.

One of the most charming aspects of your visit to the Cloer Family Vineyards is the Cloer family themselves.  Visitors can expect to meet with the family and learn about how it all began when Tam Cloer began making wine as a hobby 15 years ago.  Today, the entire family is involved in the wine-making process at the vineyards.

Rest assured, this is one vineyard that is family-friendly and offers a stress-free environment to kick back and enjoy great wine, a great vineyard and great company.