Greater Raleigh, home to a number of breweries and two wineries, is no stranger to mouth-watering brews and crisp, delicious wines. So if ales and white zinfandels spark your interest, the Greater Raleigh area is your place of solace. Come sip some of the area’s best after a long day touring the sites or take this as an opportunity to explore some of Raleigh’s hidden treasures!

Got a whole day to kill? Make the breweries and wineries of Greater Raleigh your main destination! Brewery and winery tours are sweeping the nation, and if you’re looking for an amazing, yet affordable experience, the Greater Raleigh area can satiate those cravings. Most of the tours are free and without reservation, therefore giving you, whether a wine connoisseur or brew buff, free reign over your experience. You have the choice to merely stop in the Carolina Brewing Company or take the full tour at Chatham Hill Winery. What’s the best part of this deal? The free samples! These are always guaranteed to invigorate a tour or visit. Or for the more committed outing, Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours hosts a monthly Brews Cruise (land version) that may spark your interest and leave you begging for more.

Maybe you already have your day planned and can’t dedicate a whole day to Big Boss Brewing Company or Adams Vineyard. Well hop on the R-LINE (Raleigh’s premiere transportation system) and head to one of the unique local restaurants downtown.  Sure to satisfy all tastes, the locals flock to places such as Busy Bee Café, Flying Saucer, and The Foundation for the congenial atmosphere and large array of locally brewed beverages.

The Greater Raleigh area has everything you need to delve into the world of breweries and wineries. Don’t miss your chance to taste some of the best beverages the South has to offer. If you pass up this opportunity, your taste buds will never forgive you!