The week is only getting hotter! With temperatures reaching the 90’s and even 100’s this week, I suggest you try a SnoBall or cup of homemade ice cream from Pelican’s in Garner. The original Pelican’s is located on the grounds of 401 Par Golf. After visiting the driving range or playing a round of golf, you can end your day with a sweet treat.

I went to Pelican’s with my roommate, Kristin. We approached what reminded us of a wooden beach shack and were immediately overwhelmed by the gigantic sign listing all of the SnoBall flavors. What a huge menu! I noticed some interesting flavors like toothpaste, dill pickle, and egg custard. If you’re feeling adventurous, definitely try one of these unique flavors. The hundreds of flavors come from Louisiana, where SnoBalls originated due to the state’s scorching summer heat.

We walked up to the counter to place our order. Due to my indecisive nature, I asked the friendly employee to prepare me a SnoBall using his favorite flavors. He smiled, turned around to the hundreds of flavored syrups directly behind him, and then handed me green and red colored SnoBall.

Lucky me, the employee hooked me up with his latest concoction, a cherry margarita flavored SnoBall. The SnoBall ice isn’t like your typical crunchy, snow cone ice. The ice is soft and fluffy; it really does remind me of fresh snow. The SnoBall was absolutely delicious! The flavors weren’t syrupy; the SnoBall quenched my thirst and need for something sweet. For a $1.50 my day was made, what a deal!

Although the original New Orleans SnoBalls are the featured item on the Pelican’s menu, the ice cream is not to be missed. The ice cream is made with 14 percent cream, uses natural ingredients and fruit. The flavors are always changing, as evident by the dry erase board of ice cream flavors at the counter. Kristin ordered the mint chocolate chip. The ice cream is extra creamy and such a good deal! For $2.75 you can get a big scoop. Head on over to Pelican’s this summer for a SnoBall or scoop of ice cream, you won’t be disappointed!