The Fire Pit is an authentic, 100% wood-fired smokehouse in Wake Forest, burning locally-grown "green" woods including hickory, oak, pecan and cherry. The Fire Pit's Chef, Andrew Forster, creates enticing menus offering a range of smoked meats, fish and seafood, accompanied by fresh garden sides and salads. Everything on the menu, from delicious sauces and relishes to tempting desserts, is made in-house using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The Fire Pit even smokes its own salt and cures and smokes two types of bacon! Dinner at The Fire Pit always begins with a basket filled with hushpuppies. You can't go to a smokehouse without eating some hushpuppies. That would just be wrong! My friends and I snacked on the hushpuppies while the smell of delicious smoked meats filled the restaurant.

IMG_4044The Fire Pit has a plethora of Southern sides. We ordered the baked beans, green beans, butter beans, collard greens and braised green cabbage. The sides are extremely fresh because Chef Andrew frequents the Wake Forest Farmers Market for seasonal produce grown in N.C.

IMG_4057Chef Andrew also has the traditional sides you'd find at a BBQ restaurant including coleslaw and potato salad.

IMG_4046The highlight of The Fire Pit is definitely the smoked meats offered on the menu. The ribs literally melt in your mouth and have a wonderful smoky flavor. The smoked chicken is also delicious and has an excellent rub of spices.

IMG_4056Two of my favorite meats at The Fire Pit are the brisket and smoked pork. The brisket and smoked pork are both juicy and full of flavor.

IMG_4051For dessert, you don't want to miss the homemade banana pudding. There are also other homemade options including the cherry pie, which I devoured! The cherry pie is topped with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream.

IMG_4055If you're looking for a new spot to dine in Wake Forest, definitely visit The Fire Pit. Chef Andrew is talented and always features special smoked meats in his restaurant. Written by local Foodie, Kristen. Follow her foodie adventures on Twitter!