The flavors of Blueberry, Banana Bread, Black Velvet and Pumpkin may sound like your favorite desserts, but what if you discovered they were actually just four of the more than 200 flavors of beer offered at The Flying Saucer of Raleigh.

Located on West Morgan Street, this unique bar and restaurant is a beer connoisseur’s heaven on Earth.  The Flying Saucer takes great pride in being able to offer you almost every kind of beer imaginable, whether it be a smooth amber ale or an imperial stout.  Not sure what you’d like to try first?  Then look online before you visit and utilize their extensive description of every single one of their beers.

If you become a regular of the Saucer, then you should probably join the fun U.F.O. Club, where members pay a one-time fee to receive a BEERKNURD T-shirt and a personal magnetic card you will use to keep track of all the different flavors of beer you taste over the course of your visits.  The more beer flavors you give a try, the more you will be ‘immortalized in the Ring of Honor’.

The Flying Saucer doesn’t offer only an extensive beer list.  Their food menu is full of delicious bar food that will hit the spot after throwing back a few cold ones.  From loaded jalapeno cheese fries to brat con queso and beer cheese soup, the food offered here leaves you warm and full.

The next time you want a comfortable, relaxed venue to hang out with friends or go on a date, visit The Flying Saucer.  Its pub-like ambiance makes you feel right at home, just with a lot more people and wider beer selection.