With nationally recognized science and research hubs such as North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus and a corner of The Research Triangle Park (the 7,000-acre R&D district), Greater Raleigh is known as a leader in the field. Soon, the future of science here will be enhanced by a new, interactive facility downtown, the Nature Research Center, opening April 20, 2012.

The Nature Research Center is the new, 80,000-square-foot wing of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences that will bring research scientists and their important work directly into the public eye. The mysteries of science will be demystified to better prepare science educators and students to pursue the sometimes-intimidating field.  Ultimately, this center will impact the future of science by inspiring a new generation of scientists.

Facts: Life can thrive in boiling water. Ghost shrimp hate heavy metal. You have six feet of DNA in every cell. These are all interesting things about our world, but how do we know? Scientists at the Nature Research Center will help reveal the science behind these facts through presentations, hands-on activities, demonstrations and multimedia exhibits that you won’t find anywhere else.

There are so many exciting things to learn about natural science and the things we know because of it. The Nature Research Center is going to be one of the premier places in the nation to inspire students, families and educators and provide them with the information they need to continue in the footsteps of so many world-changing scientists before them.

This is one of the major ways Raleigh is further establishing its place in the future of science. How are you establishing yours? Visit us April 20 or anytime this Spring!