Located on the edge of downtown Raleigh, the distinctive Warehouse District is oozing with character and flowering with new venues and businesses.  As hip and urban chic as it is, it is sometimes overlooked by people visiting the area, because the district is not prominent geographically in the downtown scene and has an industrial appearance.  Well here’s the secret: inside the gritty old warehouse you might initially spot, there is probably a hidden gem.

Flying Saucer, The Irregardless Café, and Five Star Restaurant are just a few of the amazing dining venues you’ll find tucked away in the district.  Five Star is especially low key, with few people realizing how ornate and modern the interior really is when they first see the plain, unremarkable door and set of windows that are its only exterior beacon.

While the streets may seem a little deserted during the day, at night you’ll find hundreds of people flocking to the long lines the many clubs and bars in the district will attract.  Ess Lounge, Buckhead Saloon and The Ugly Monkey all have fun and trendy scenes where you’ll find every one from college students to older professionals letting loose.

The next time you visit Raleigh, set aside some time to explore one of the most understated districts in the area.