Do you love art in all of its forms, from visual masterpieces to wonderful performances?  Would you rather be in an opera house or art gallery than anywhere else while on vacation?  If so, then you just might be what we like to call a Creative Genius.  Luckily for you, we’ve already got a spectacular day of art and creativity planned out to serve as a guide the next time you’re in Greater Raleigh.

Start out your morning by grabbing breakfast and coffee at places like Big Ed’s City Market or The Morning Times, where you’ll find awesome local art decorating the walls.  Once you’ve digested the art and your food, head on over to the nearby North Carolina Museum of Art.  This amazing art museum is a wonder to behold even from the outside, and once you explore the rich galleries indoors, you’ll discover why this is one of the most distinguished and stunning museums in the South.

Grab lunch mid-exploration at the museum’s culinary gem, Iris.  This outstanding restaurant serves up a mouthwatering menu of edible art for you to enjoy while taking in the art around you.  Don’t forget to take a late afternoon walk through the art museum’s outdoor art trail and gardens before you leave.

There’s no better place for a creative genius to spend an evening in Greater Raleigh than at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts downtown.  Here, you can find professional productions from the N.C. Theatre, N.C. Ballet, N.C. Symphony and N.C. Opera, just to name a few.  No matter your creative preference, Greater Raleigh has a restaurant, museum, gallery, performance or event for you.