Imagine what the world would be like if mass media were never created.  There would be no Facebook, no New York Times and no CNN! How would people obtain important information?

Luckily for us, mass media have taken the world by storm! Beginning with newspapers, radio, and then television, mass media have definitely become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. But how did it get to this point? What happened along the way? Only one way to find out: visit The [R]evolution of Media exhibit at the Raleigh City Museum on Fayetteville Street!

The exhibit begins with the humble beginnings of newspaper, radio, and television and guides you through the long, constantly evolving journey these mediums have taken.  Also don’t forget to check out the section highlighting what mass media have done for Raleigh and North Carolina.  You never know what you could learn about the Capital City’s media moguls!

This event is free of charge and provides an opportunity to enrich yourself in a part of history we take for granted all too often.