On November 5th, more than 14,000 years of North Carolina’s history will unfold through a wonderful permanent exhibit in the North Carolina Museum of History. This fascinating exhibit is the second installment of The Story of North Carolina, which debuted in April, and it is the largest the museum has ever hosted.

The Story of North Carolina traces life in North Carolina from its earliest inhabitants all the way to modern-day life. There will be artifacts, multimedia presentations, dioramas, and hands-on components to enjoy, in addition to two historic homes and other environmental recreations that show you what life used to be like in the Tar Heel state.

Special attention will be paid to the most important aspect of North Carolina’s history, the well-known and everyday citizens who helped shape the state into what it is today. While Part One of the exhibit focused on American Indian life through early 1800s settlers’ farm life, Part Two will focus on the antebellum era, the Civil War, the Great Depression, the two World Wars and the Civil Rights Movement.

This exhibit is free to the public, and there will be a Celebrate N.C. History Festival on November 5th for the opening day celebration. Come out to enjoy the new exhibit, along with award-winning musicians, storytellers, dancers, craftspeople and re-enactors as they capture the diversity of the state. For more information, visit this site.