Remember the days when you could go out on a Thursday night and feel no regret in the morning because all you had to do was attend a lecture? Well for most, these days have come and gone, and the reality of being on time and on top of your game on Friday has set in. Or maybe you’ve chosen to avoid Thursday night because of the “college night” stigmatism it has received. Whatever your reason, Raleigh will change your mind. With plenty of “grown-up” activities to choose from, you can reawaken your social life during the week and make the weekend-wait just a little more bearable.

Many events, such as Irregardless Café’s Live Jazz Music Night, end early around 9:30 p.m. and enable you to go out, enjoy a drink or two, socialize with locals, and then be off to bed at a decent hour. Thursday night at Tir Na Nog and Busy Bee is also recommended as both venues usually offer a local band and local beers that will not only enhance your experience here in Raleigh but also subdue your waiting-for-the-weekend woes!

If an early alarm is not what’s deterring you from venturing out on a weeknight, try Sono’s Lounge Nights, the Raleigh Times, or the acclaimed Solas on Glenwood Ave. All of these places provide an amazing, sophisticated atmosphere that professionals will thrive in rather than squirm in. Usually completely void of the college crowd, you can expect a night of dancing, conversation, and of course delicious cocktails and spirits. Sounds a lot better than staying in and watching TV, huh?

This Thursday night, don’t force yourself to stay in! Take yourself out on the town and enjoy Raleigh for all of its worth. This city has everything to cater to your specific needs so no matter what your situation, you won’t feel regret in the morning. So go ahead, say hello to your weekend early, you deserve it!