“American Idol” fans and music maniacs are excited about Scotty McCreery’s win on American Idol 2011, but no one is more proud than the inhabitants of his hometown in Garner, North Carolina. Scotty has grown up in Greater Raleigh, and the next time you visit the area you can explore some of the things he’s loved about it.

If you’re looking for hot spots in Scotty McCreery’s life, then just take a look at this map, created by the Town of Garner, which highlights key locations such as Scotty’s high school, the store where he used to bag groceries, the location of the town’s “American Idol” viewing parties, and so on. Local businesses and residents have all joined in on the celebration of their local celebrity by decorating the town in Scotty’s honor, so if you’re a true fan of his, you’re really in for a treat.

Following Scotty’s map is a great opportunity to feed your music maniac appetite while exploring the charming town of Garner. For more information about Garner accommodations, restaurants and things to do, visit this site.