Neomonde Cafe & Market (North Raleigh) is starting a new special: Wednesday Wine and Dine. Make sure you make plans to attend the first event!

If you've ever been interested in trying new wine from Lebanon and beyond, this new special is definitely for you! Beginning Apr. 16, Neomonde Cafe & Market will feature a weekly Wine and Dine evening. Wine and Dine is your perfect opportunity to try a new type of wine along with some delicious food. This special will include half-priced bottles of wine of your choosing and a $5 sampling mezza plate.

Neomonde is known for its traditional Lebanese appetizers, some of which will be available on the Wine and Dine mezza plate. One of my favorites is the award-winning hummus with fresh pita bread. The hummus is extra creamy with the perfect amount of garlic and lemon juice. I also enjoy other options like the grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomato and Mediterranean spices. No matter what you sample, I'm sure you will enjoy the many options Neomonde has to offer.

labneh-and-grape-leavesMake plans to attend Neomonde's new Wine and Dine event. It's a great deal, including wine and a delicious Mediterranean sampler. Plus, you can shop around Neomonde's grocery section for food to take home with you! You'll find everything from fresh baked breads to Lebanese sweet treats.