A country bar, concert venue, nightclub, dance floor, sports lounge AND disco all under one roof!?  Could a place like this really exist?  It turns it that it can, with the reopening of the long lost Longbranch in Raleigh.

In the past, Longbranch has showcased some of the biggest names in entertainment and served as the largest indoor concert venue in Raleigh.  More than 400 artists have performed there over the last 30 years.  Now, Longbranch will make its comeback with tons of renovations and a new club, Vortex, which will have the largest dance floor around.

Longbranch is like a theme park for nightlife entertainment, where everyone can choose their scene and have a great time.  People from all over the state have made a trip to Longbranch to experience its unique multi-club atmosphere where anything is possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’d like to rave under strobe lights, line dance to some good ole’ country tunes, or play a game of pool with friends.  This venue is back and it will be waiting for you to come have your greatest nightlife experience yet!