The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) is one of the most prestigious museums in the South, with a beautifully designed building, an art park full of rolling hills, and a permanent collection that art collectors can only dream of.  As if the permanent attractions of the NCMA aren’t already enough for you to visit, the museum hosts a series of events throughout the year that can add a little extra to your experience.

Art in the Evening occurs on Fridays at 5:30 p.m., when guests are encouraged to experience the museum after dark with friends over small plates. Wander the galleries, enjoy a glass of wine and relax to the tunes of live music in the museum’s lobby-turned-lounge in the new West Building. This weekly event is a wonderful way to kick off your weekend.

The Winter-Spring Film Series at the NCMA attracts art- and movie-lovers alike, with screenings of films such as MasculinFeminin, The Mollycoddle, Vitaphone Varieties and The Match King. The NCMA’s very own Film Curator handpicks each film in the series, so you know you’ll be in for a special treat.

If you’re bringing the kids along for your visit, then plan to come one Saturday during the Weekend Family Tour. This half-hour tour is designed for kids ages five to 10 and their adult companions, and it includes a brief discussion with the guide and activities in the galleries.

Other tours include the classic Meet Your Museum Tour that gives an overview for NCMA first-time visitors and tours that focus on specific collections, such as the popular Docent Tour. Between tours, concerts, events and films, the NCMA offers plenty of rotating attractions for you to choose from during your visit. Check out the full calendar of events here.