People are talking in downtown Raleigh these days about the three-story globe at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences becoming a new icon for Raleigh.

Unlike other cities like St. Louis or San Francisco, Raleigh doesn't have one definitive landmark that distinguishes it. Sure, we have our burgeoning skyline, but you can't put that on a key chain. And we have the giant acorn in Moore Square that relates to the City of Oaks and all, but it has never taken off as "the" symbol of Raleigh.

So back to the globe (or more properly, the SECU Daily Planet). It's certainly unique, and it's sure to be a photo op (how many people will do that thing where they stand away from it and make it look like they are Atlas holding it?) But will it become Raleigh's most recognizable feature?

What do you think? And while you're thinking, mosey over to and sign up for the latest updates and visitor information on the opening of the museum’s new wing.

We'll meet you at the globe!