There are plenty of sweepstakes and competitions out there, but the yearlong "Get Off Your County Seat" sweepstakes offered to the entire state of North Carolina is definitely one of the most exciting in the area.  This fun and creative sweepstakes is presented by the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau and American Express as a way to provide 100 winners with a free trip to the state’s capital itself, Raleigh!

The 100 winners are drawn from each of the 100 North Carolina counties and are awarded with a prize package that includes two-night accommodations for two people, an American Express gift card, gift certificates to local restaurants, two tickets to a special event designed to match your interests, a ZSpotcard for additional discounts at more than 250 restaurants and attractions, as well as other random goodies to make your getaway tailored specifically to your idea of fun.

You may be wondering how the visitor’s bureau would have any idea what kind of getaway you would most enjoy.  The secret lies within the small quiz you will take upon entry to the sweepstakes, which will categorize you as one of six types of visitors: Creative Genius, Foodie, Fashionista, Adrenaline Junkie, Rock Star Wannabe or History Buff.  If you’re the winner then the results of your quiz will determine which kind of Raleigh getaway you will enjoy!

Only one winner from each county is selected, but there’s no need to lose hope if you’re not selected in this first round!  All entrants who aren’t one of the 100 county winners are put into a pool to win the Grand Prize to be awarded at the end of the sweepstakes in June 2010.

To enter this exciting sweepstakes, simply go to the Web site, fill out an entry form, take your getaway personality quiz and sit back to see if you’re the lucky winner in your county!