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Joel Graybeal

Managing Partner
Triangle Rock Club
Morrisville location | North Raleigh location


  Joel Graybeal


"Climbing tends to attract highly intelligent people because of the problem-solving aspects of the sport. It isn't just physical."

Showing folks the ropes is just one way that Joel Graybeal boosts confidence and strengthens problem-solving skills as managing partner at Triangle Rock Club (TRC). With two area facilities, including the highest climbing wall in a five-state radius, TRC is a top spot for visitors looking to conquer fears and reach their full potential.

Joel knows a thing or two about heights, starting his career as a rocket scientist working for the Pentagon. In 2007, he stumbled upon a rock climbing gym near his home where he quickly learned that the same skills he employed as an engineer came into play with this adrenaline-fueled sport.

He moved to Raleigh after finding it on a "Best of" list, visiting for just one day before deciding it was where he wanted to raise a family and build a life around his favorite activity, eventually opening TRC.

Joel credits Raleigh's smart locals with helping form a strong foundation for TRC, not only pushing themselves but also encouraging others to achieve their goals. "This is one of the reasons Raleigh has become such a great destination. You don't have to be from here to feel welcome. Simply put, people want to spend time with nice people."


Take on climbs at one (or both) of the Triangle Rock Club locations. New to rock climbing? No worries. Staff members are prepared to get you started, and you can also sign up for the "Intro to Climbing" class. Learn about belaying versus autobelaying and top rope climbing versus bouldering; make your plan of action for climbing and you're off. Go with a group and work as a team to determine the best routes to take and rocks to grip to make it to the top.   



  Triangle Rock Club   Triangle Rock Club   Triangle Rock Club   Triangle Rock Club  
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