Raleigh Beer Trail FAQ and Rules

We welcome you to the Raleigh Beer Trail! The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has worked with Raleigh, N.C., area breweries to bring you this rewards program.

We'd love your feedback on the trail as we're always looking to improve it to make the experience even better! Feel free to send comments and suggestions for the trail, and also to report any problems getting stamps to beertrail@visitRaleigh.com. Cheers!

Importantly, remember to sign your Passport before you take a photo of it and submit it here. Please remember to include your T-shirt size, if you are submitting a Passport with 15 stamps.

FAQ and rules

If I completed the Raleigh Beer Trail in past years, can I complete it again in 2023 to receive the 2023 edition prizes?
Yes! (And we encourage you to try some breweries you didn't during your past completions of the trail!)

Is it free to download the Raleigh Beer Trail Passport and get stamps?
Yes! At this time it's free to download the Passport and get stamps. No purchase necessary to get stamps at the breweries.

Any big changes to the Trail for 2023?
The only significant change (outside of new prizes this year!) is that on the Passport, rather than having a square for each brewery and their logo, we've provided 15 blank squares to be stamped. Simply put, we were running out of room to accommodate all the new breweries opening up. Note: Only 15 spaces were needed, as that's the maximum amount of stamps you need to redeem all three prizes; but don't let it hold you back from visiting even more breweries!

What if a brewery cannot locate their stamp?
If brewery staff cannot locate their stamp, you may write the name of the brewery in one of the blank squares and ask brewery staff to initial. (We understand stamps sometimes get misplaced, or in busy moments, a pen is closer at hand than the stamp, and initialing is more convenient. Please be patient with your server when requesting your Passport to be stamped, especially during peak business hours.)

Some breweries have production facilities plus offsite taprooms and/or restaurants. Can I get my Passport stamped at all of a brewery's properties? (In other words, can I get a separate stamp at a brewery's production facility, offsite taproom and restaurant, if they have separate physical locations for all three?)
In past years, we've only included brewery production facilities on the Passport. But with the increased opening of brewery taproom-only locations and restaurants and the increased investment into those places, we've added those to the list of eligible stamp locations. (A visitor can experience a brewery's fresh beer, brand and personality very similarly at their offsite locations, compared to their production facilities.) However, to encourage visitors to try multiple breweries, we are only accepting one stamp per brewery (whether it be at a production facility, taproom or restaurant), hence, one spot for a stamp per brewery on the Passport this year.

Some breweries brew outside of Raleigh/Wake County but have taprooms or restaurants in the county. Can I get a stamp at those places?
We only include breweries on the Beer Trail that brew inside of Wake County lines.

Can I pick up a Raleigh Beer Trail Passport at a brewery?
At this time, the Passport is mainly available for download online (click here).

Can I submit more than one Passport per year?
We are only currently accepting and fulfilling one of each prize, per individual, per Passport each year.

Can I get a T-shirt in my size?
We will do our best to provide the T-shirt in the size selected on your Passport submission. However, we can't promise that we can provide your requested size. Please leave a comment on the submission form if you would like to request a size outside the options available.

Can I get my Passport stamped at beer festivals and events?
Stamps are only available at Wake County brewery locations.

The Greater Raleigh CVB is not responsible for physical or legal injuries arising out of participating in the Raleigh Beer Trail.
Must be 21 years of age or older to redeem prizes.

Offers good while supplies last.

Drink responsibly

The Raleigh Beer Trail is intended only for responsible adults of legal drinking age in the United States of America (21 years old or older). It does not advocate or encourage the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and with moderation if at all. Never drink and drive. If you need transportation, use a designated driver or see transportation options here. Popular rideshare companies are also available for using in the destination. Be careful when crossing the street after drinking.

The Greater Raleigh CVB is not responsible for physical or legal injuries arising out of participating in the Raleigh Beer Trail.

Have more questions?

You can always reach out to us at beertrail@visitRaleigh.com! We'll answer as soon as possible.